Sowarbhi and Geetha

Apart from their successful professional careers, Sowarbhi and Geetha have been a part of MARGHAM, a Rotary initiative for career counselling. MARGHAM aimed at providing career guidance to every student, irrespective of their social or financial background, in various Government schools across Karnatala for 9th and 10th-grade students. While working there, they encountered children from urban to the most remote rural areas in Karnataka. While being exposed to numerous students from diverse backgrounds, they were able to understand the problems they encountered when making decisions for the future.
Further, assisting the children through constant interactions gave them a deep insight into the psychology of the children. As a result, they were motivated to help students to find their interests and make a career out of them. With in-depth knowledge and experience accumulated over the e years, they decided to become a career counsellor, providing information about the varied courses and career alternatives available and choosing the career that best fits them. Therefore, the students will enjoy their work and have a fulfilling professional career that brings about their best potential.