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  • BSc
  • M.B.A

Sowrabhi has completed her undergraduate degree in science and pursued a master's in business administration. She commenced her career in corporate with Times of India. Having a solid academic foundation in business, Sowrabhi worked in the marketing team of Education Times for two years. After accumulating several years of experience, she decided to delve into the field of education. She established her preschool, Eurokids, and ran it for nine years.

After experiencing great success and satisfaction with her previous endeavor, she decided to venture on to her brand of preschool, Joyous Learning Preschool & Daycare, until 2017. Through her involvement in numerous businesses, both in e-commerce and the retail space, corporate experience, and her ventures in the education sector, she has accumulated in-depth knowledge of the business world and the abilities required to succeed in them.


  • B.Com
  • M.B.A

Geetha has completed a master's degree in business administration with a focus on finance. She began her career at MICO, now known as BOSCH, where she spent her first eleven years in the production division. Despite having a prosperous professional career, she always desired to mentor young children to fulfill their dreams, thereby bringing about a positive change in their lives. And her love for helping children inspired her to become a teacher, teaching maths in Government schools since 2017.

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Vidhart Education Services

We at Vidhart Education Services want to help everyone who aspires to succeed in the future. We will help you realize all of your goals and aspirations by offering you complete mentorship and guidance.
We have been working with children for more than 20 years, thus, having a deeper understanding of their minds. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we will provide you with expert guidance with a personalized approach at a very affordable price.
Need for Counselling
Need for Counselling

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There are now many options to choose from, in contrast to the early years when there were only a few courses and career options. As a result, students can now select a career path they are passionate about and succeed in it. But in the actual situation, this is not the case. More than a thousand different courses and career options are offered in India. However, a study found that more than 90% of students are aware of only nine career options. Why? because very little accurate information is available about them.